Increase Jumping Ability

Most athletes want to increase jumping ability. In basketball, you want to jump higher to dunk, shoot over people, and defend shots. In football, an increase in jumping ability will give you an edge as a wide receiver, running back, or defender. In baseball, you want to increase jumping ability to make incredible catches. In volleyball, the higher you jump, the easier it is to block and spike the ball. The list goes on and on. Let’s face it. jumping ability is very important in many sports.

I’m an Arizona Cardinals fan – Let’s look at their safety, Adrian Wilson, for some inspiration:

So what can you do to increase jumping ability?

I’ll be the first to say, it won’t happen overnight. It will take hard work and dedication, but with the right program, you can easily increase your jumping ability by 10 inches! Look for programs that are multi-faceted. They should include strength training, diet, technique, and leg/foot quickness at a minimum.

For strength training, focus on building muscle in your ‘jumping muscles.’ This would exercises such as squats and standing calf raises. Focus on explosiveness as you are performing the repetitions.

The basic diet you want while your vertical jump training is high in protein to fuel your new jumping muscle growth. One gram of protein for every pound of your current body weight is an excellent estimate of where you should be every day.

Speed drills, jumping rope, and plyometrics are all great ways to quicken your legs and feet. This will certainly help you jump higher.

The best in depth program I’ve come across for giving you a fast increase in jumping ability is THE JUMP MANUAL. The best part is they guarantee a 10 inch increase in your jumping ability or your money back! There is literally no reason not to give it a shot. You WILL jump higher!

There Goes My Life

“There Goes My Life” is a song by Kenny Chesney. It’s the first single released from his 2004 album When the Sun Goes Down. The song spent seven consecutive weeks at number one in late December 2003 and January 2004.

The song debuted at #46 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart dated October 25, 2003. It then went on to spend twenty weeks on that chart, climbing to number one on December 20, 2003. It remained at the number one spot for seven straight weeks. It also peaked at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is another one of those country songs that can put a lump in your throat, particularly if you have been in this situation, as many people have. It is sung from the point of view of a high school football star who is devastated to find out that his girlfriend is pregnant. He tells us that his dreams of “hanging out on the coast” are long gone and that he is just a kid himself. “How am I going to raise one?” He quickly changes his perspective, however, and by the song’s end, when he is packing up his daughter to head off for the west coast, he is even more devastated than in the beginning.

I love this song! It is another example of a song that I probably wouldn’t have thought a whole lot about before I had my own daughters, but now that I do, I can completely relate.

The Secret to Being Sexy

Is there a secret to being sexy?  Yes, there is.  But sometimes when we are in the midst of our journey we lose sight of where we came from and where we are currently.  It is so easy to focus on the goal – and you should – but be proud of your accomplishments.  You are not going to all of the sudden transform into a sexy beast when you reach your goal but you can be sexy now.

So what does it take to be sexy?  Sexy is how you feel and can be described in one word – confidence.  When you take care of yourself, you feel better but as moms we often neglect ourselves.  I’m guilty of this myself especially when my little boys were younger.

When I had my three year old, I returned to work when he was just three months old but I felt horrible about myself.  I was a manager but I would come to work looking messy, squeezing into whatever fit no matter how sloppy I looked.  No one said anything though.  One day I looked at myself and said if someone else came to work looking like this I would have to reprimand them.   From that day forward, I started taking the time to take better care of myself.  I noticed that my confidence started to rise.

Even though I was not yet to my goal and even still not even back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I felt good.  Doing things for myself made me a better mom, wife, and person.  At first, I felt so guilty for doing anything for myself but my husband encouraged me.  I would take a little time to get a pedicure, buy myself some clothes that fit, or workout.  This support helped bring me and my husband closer together because, let’s face it, having a baby can definitely put a strain on a marriage.

I want you to focus on the person that you are now and appreciate everything about you.  Celebrate it because you are worth it!   I recommend eating a clean diet, working out, and doing something for you, even something small, each and every day.  You will feel better, your confidence will rise, and you will be sexy!!   Now go be sexy.

Country Songs For or About Dads and Their Daughters

Over the years, there have been a lot of country father daughter songs written. Of course, there are a ton of songs for the father daughter dance at weddings. But there are a very large variety of songs out there about dads and daughters in general, written in a variety of formats.

I believe the most common format for the best father daughter songs has been country music. That is not to say there are not a great deal of tunes relating to dads and their daughters in many other genres, I just happen to believe that country music, both modern day and classic, is a favorite when it comes to songs that can be gut wrenching, or heart warming. And I’m not sure how you feel, but I know that those are two emotions that come to mind when I reflect on the times I have had in raising my daughters.

Here I will attempt to assemble a complete list of country father daughter songs. I am only one person, however. So please feel free to add to this list using the Song Submission form.

These songs are in no particular order as of yet. As time goes by, however, and the list grows longer (hopefully with a lot of help from you, the visitor), I will sort them out to the best of my ability in a manner that I think will work best for the songs listed.

What is blue waffle

I’m sorry but I found no information on anything close to a blue waffle, in fact, this name is a slang for a vaginal infection which is formed from bacterial infection. Blue Waffle is an internet meme, an image of the genitalia of a woman who appears to be suffering from vaginitis.

Basically this condition is not a real disease and it’s only a slang term as we mentioned above, but it will show your vaginal infection might be severe. Sometimes this is a STD in your vagina. And this infection will lead to your vagina look like the blue color, then most of women said it to blue waffle disease.

According to the pictures of blue waffle, you may find there is no official web that shows pictures and images for this condition. Some several pictures on internet might be Photoshopped by someone due to some certain reason or just a joke. So you don’t worry it and if you are suspend it as a disease that can cause your body to be bad you should see the doctor.

Why I Love Potty Training in Public Restrooms

I believe we all have had our share of potty training questions asked by our children. After all, when it comes time to train them to use the toilet “like a big kid!”, there are just so many questions to be asked! And the manner in which they are asked – with such uninhibited innocence – is both heart warming and occasionally embarrassing. When it comes to potty training questions in public restrooms, I think the latter is most often what results. However, for us dads living in The Estrogen Ocean, we really don’t have much of a choice. Mom isn’t going to do ALL the potty training, right? Well, an embarrassing story is what I have to share with you here.

My three year old daughter seems to be the least shy of our three girls when it comes to asking questions. If there is something she does not understand or she just has something she needs to know, she asks, not ever taking into consideration who might be within range of her voice. (Of course, what three year old ever takes that into consideration?) Not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but it always seems as though the potty training questions are the most abundant.

My family and I decided to take a quick one hour trip out of town the other day to do some shopping and to see my niece’s dance recital at a nearby convention center. When the show was over and the shopping was complete, it was time to get some dinner. So, to Perkins we went.

Well, as you probably are all aware, there is something about new surroundings that makes a child’s bladder fill up instantly. And when one child’s bladder is full in a public setting, all other siblings bladders immediately fill up. Weird how that works. (I think there should be a scientific study on this strange phenomenon, but that’s for another day.) Of course, with three daughters to take to the bathroom, I feel some obligation to take part in this circus. And of course, with the two older ones being at an age where it is no longer acceptable to go with Dad in the men’s room, I am given the gift of assisting our three year old with her bathroom venture.

Now is where the fun begins. As we are walking toward the bathroom door, all I am thinking is “Please let the room be empty! Please let the room be empty!” When we get inside, I survey the area for other bathroom attendees. This particular bathroom has two stalls, one of which is an unoccupied handicapped accessible stall, and the other is a smaller stall, and it’s occupied! CRAP! I look at my daughter and my thoughts are now shifting to “Please don’t embarrass me! Please don’t embarrass me!”

Things started off pretty well. She dropped her own pants, jumped up on the stool, and did her business. “Good girl!” I proclaimed, trying to make it clear to the neighbor in the next stall that I was in here with a potty training young daughter. When she was finished, she jumped down, hiked up her pants and we were ready to go. That is, until I made the not-so-smart decision to also empty my own bladder. I’m not really sure what I was thinking, other than the fact that we were in a bathroom and I had to go, so I was going to go. This particular trip had progressed pretty smoothly up to this point, so I figured, why not?

As I am standing there relieving my bladder of the pressure inside, my daughter began her interview session. In a voice about 8db louder than it needed to be, she asked “Daddy, why do you need to hold on to that?” I could feel my face burn from blushing embarrassment. Lord only knows what the man next door was thinking at that point. All I could think to say was “So I can make sure I get it in the toilet.” But she didn’t stop there. “What is it?” she asked next. I said nothing, and I think I can now hear little chuckles from our neighbor. As I try to motion to her to be quiet, she doesn’t seem to be taking the hint. She fired another one. “Is that your tail?” I am now seething with embarrassment as I tell her “No, that’s where I go potty from.” Apparently, she needed more details than that. “From that little tiny hole?” I’m now sure that I hear outright laughter from the stall-mate. I think he held off on completing his own task until we were out of there, and it now sounds as though he’s glad he did. I motioned again to be quiet. “What!?” she asked. “Nothing. All done. Let’s go!”

We immediately got out of there, washed our hands quickly, and returned to our booth. I never saw the man come out of the bathroom, but I’m sure he could pick us out in the restaurant. I felt as though I was being watched for the entire meal. I can only imagine he was laughing for one of two reasons. He either doesn’t have kids of his own yet (particularly girls), or he his kids are grown up and he was simply reliving the times when he had to endure the embarrassing potty training questions. Oh well. Either way, I guess now he has a story to tell, too.

What is Reiki History

The transfer energies as part of the healing process has been part of the practice of medicine in Japan and India for many hundreds of years.

While there are no historical records, the transfer of energy (the basis of Reiki) has been utilized and understood by medical practitioners, shamans and natural healers in the east for centuries. Many even associate Reiki with ancient Tibetan Sanskrits.

Although many non-Buddhists associate Reiki with the Buddhism and the mysticism of the Eastern cultures, Reiki is not associate with Buddhism or any other religion.

The Origins

Reiki came from a metaphysical experience of Dr. Makao Usui, a college professor who lived in Japan in the late nineteenth century, while on a twenty-one-year study of the healing process.

From ancient Buddhist teachings Dr. Usui read during this time he went on a 21 day of fasting and meditation on Mt. Kurama in Japan. On the 21st day of his quest he experienced a bright light racing towards at him. The light struck him unconscious, striking him directly in his Third Eye .

This mystical experience enabled Dr. Usui to begin using the sounds and symbols he discovered in ancient Buddist teaching, to heal. He called this form of healing Reiki and taught throughout Japan until his death.

Reiki then migrated to Western territories in the middle of the 1900′s. With the arrival of Dr. Usui’s teachings, Reiki grew and was developed by other mystics into a series of levels and different classes (levels I, II and Reiki master) that were then offered to students, practitioners and masters.

In the 1970s and 1980s, those who were involved in Reiki began becoming masters after having studied the energies and the chakras that Dr. Usui introduced. These masters were now able to practicing to heal others, as well as teach others.

With the teachings of Dr. Usui and the others Reiki has grown as an alternative, natural and mystical healing method.